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one of those days

Exhibit A is the plastic handle that used to be on the outside of the Poopmobile, driver's side. That light wintry mix last night managed to freeze the doors up just enough to require some heavy pulling to get the door open. Gotta get to the day job on time, ya know? Sucker snapped right off in my grimy little hand, just like plastic will do when it's seen seven winters. If I can only hang on for two more, it will all be paid for. God bless all of my employers for the privilege of serving the sick and weary makin' mo money for corporations. Especially the ones that are publicly traded.

There were a couple of bright spots, I must admit. One in particular involved plaid and needles and bare ass. That particular spot might be an idea worth growing. Lord knows, I've kept the faith for years with the idiot. Some guys are just slow to catch on, ya know? Me and the General went up the street to our park and watched the birds play in the snow during our daily adventure. Squirrels were noticably absent..probably over in the graveyard eating roasted pecans.

Today's email brought me some stunning pictures of my 'nother daughter's baby all pimped out for St. Valentine's day. Daddy managed to piss Amy off enough that she cleaned their whole house for free and quit on the spot. Girl...I know that feeling. Tomorrow they will be married for 54 years. I promised Judy I would tell the story of how the evil dentist caused me to miss the huge fiftieth bash up at Reelfoot Lake. It all started with a two week abscess and went downhill from there ending with a root canal. I owe the smile doctor a big fat one for that afternoon in paradise.

My good friend Margaret had a bad day at work and wanted to shoot some pool, so we hooked up the kudzu bar with the LD club. They were busy talking shit so we did the girl thing in the back by the jukebox. A couple of other friends joined us, and none of 'em want me for a partner when I've been up since the buttcrack of dawn. They have to remind me what balls we're shoootin' and that sort of ruins the whole game. We played some kickass music though, and sang a few bars in between their texting sessions.

It's all good, really.

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