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p harmony
Most of Babygirl's best childhood friends either already have kids or there's one in the oven. At Lori's shower today there were kids freakin' everywhere wanting their mamas or grannies but venturing out to join in the festivities. We loved every minute of it and made a pact not to have babies for several more years. By the time she's ready, I will be too I reckon.

It's early still, but the Tigers are ahead of the Vols and have been due to their extreme power of the three. Doubt I'll make it all the way through because it's a school work night and 5AM comes early. Mama is running interference with Daddy, watching and listening and reporting the score to him in another room where he has sequestered himself for the duration. Poor thing can't stand to watch because he gets his man panties all in a wad and might have a stroke or something. We can't have that right here before planting season. I'm countin' on him for a garden consult when digging time comes. No signs of asparagus tips yet, but there will be pretty soon.

Sam has already chewed a hole in my new quilt, damn his puppy ass. He got a swat on the behind and looked shocked that I might dare to discipline him. Don't mess with the new stuff is all I have to say, dog. My money don't grow on trees. Of course he still got to sleep under the covers with me.

I see these commercials on the teevee all the time about dating services and wonder what all that is about. I think I'll work some overtime so I can find me a Sugardaddy online...I hear it's pricey, though. That would mean propane guy and beer guy and nursery guy wouldn't get THEIR share of the pie so maybe I should just wait for fate to hook me up with true love. Ya think?

Gotta run...it's a tie game.
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