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the poopie jane halftime report
We're having a private Superbowl party here at the house tonight. I managed to sit through an entire half of EliBrady mania just to see Tom Petty perform. What a devoted football rock fan I am. Always will be. Put all those quarterbacks in a sack and shake 'em up and, well. They all come out the same. I'm just saying.

Just in case you're considering an impromptu visit to the 'burg, don't come unless you've had your flu shot. We do this little test on people up at the day job where a respiratory therapist forces saline into your nasal cavity and then we check what's left over for flu antigens. Ya'll would be shocked at the number of folks that came to our ER over the past three days just for that privilege. No strep. Very little RSV. 100% influenza A. I gotta wonder where these particular people were when the injections were being handed out back in the fall. Guess they couldn't afford them.

I caught a few minutes of Hillary sounding off in a debate on healthcare a few minutes ago. She was speaking on the need for a seamless electronic medical record to cut down on waste and help us be more efficient in the delivery of services. This is a very doable thing with all of the technology available, yet it hasn't happened. Perhaps the Gates foundation could make a donation toward that end. Hillary didn't say exactly HOW it would happen so I surfed on to the next interesting channel. The healthcare industry is very territorial, much like all other businesses. Everybody wants to be their own boss, especially doctors who think they're Big Ernie. So they align with whatever company promises them the moon and pimps 'em out to the community. Or they don't. Such is the case in my little world. What I would give to meet one without an ego the size of the World Trade Center and a stay-at-home wife to spend the money. Makes.me.sick. And there's no vaccine for that kind of crap.

More inclement weather on the way tomorrow. When I hear the tornado siren, I'll bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. Otherwise, I'll be sleeping in and generally enjoying a day all to myself. If you need me...leave a message at the beep.

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