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the price of beans
Still in shock here ya'll. I haven't filled the Camry up to F for over a year now and decided that today looked like a good time to let 'er rip. The total was just a few cents shy of fifty bucks. Oh.My.God. Thank goodness I have a well paying job to afford me the privilege of driving to the sawmill and back from Pecan Lane. I think I'll ask the city council to run a tram service out my way. If I know me, and I think I do, I'd miss it nine times out of ten. Of course I could just get a bike like a couple of my neighbors did and pedal to town. Decisions, decisions.

Front page news today is interesting, all things considered. This guy who went on a drug fueled shooting rampage several years ago killing three people has lawyered up to retract his admission of guilt and blame the public defender's office for his ass sitting in jail. Insanity? You betcha'. Post conviction relief? I think not. Competent? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

In other news, Poops has a day off to rest after the long weekend. I hope it snows all over the sticks and stones and budding buttercups that are my big old yard. If we hurry there might be a snowman :)

Lily is having a damn hissy fit because BG has been gone all day to school at Martin. She loves to sit on my left shoulder and get her motor runnin' in my ear before she jumps off and chases the arrow on the screen. Which is where we are right now.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

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