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rabbit! Rabbit!
Photo by Jacob Dingel for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

No, wait..that was yesterday. And I missed it again! No wonder I never have good luck *sigh* Today is the day we all go out hunting this little guy to see if he left Easter eggs. Or something like that. I didn't find any candy eggs or chocolate hearts, but I did see lots of shadows when I walked the yard after work so I can only assume that the resident Pecan Lane groundhog saw his too. Rats. I sure was lookin' forward to six weeks of weather like we've got today. High around 60 and just right for porch sitting and bird watching.

Mostly I just listen to the quiet, with wind blowing through the pines as the dominant theme. Lily cat came out with me for a few minutes until the mischievous Sammy D chased her under the porch steps. Butterbean spotted a dove and ran it up the nearest tree...twice. Like, duh. And guess what else?? There are tiny little green leaves poking up through the soil where the crocus will be shortly. The finches are tearing up the thistle seed, though not yet the gold ones. I did mention I've got cabin fever didn't I? If it ain't gonna snow and be pretty, I say to hell with winter.

As days at the sawmill go, I've seen much worse than this one so I won't complain. Shifts around there have turned into a steady stream of hustle and bustle on your feet all day and barely time to eat. The emergency room stays packed 24/7, mostly with people who shouldn't be there. It's a universal problem in hospitals today. And I'm gettin' just a tad bit too old for it.

Gee...I almost forgot about the national holiday Monday. Aww..you know. The day AFTER the Super Bowl. Heh. Ya'll better be laid out in a casket if you're calling in on that one. I won't have to because I'm already off. So there.

Keep the faith kids. It's all we've got in the long run.

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