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*ramble ramble ramble*

Tardy really should be my middle name, rather than Jane. It's a long standing tradition for me and the BG to be late for family gatherings. Fortunately my youngest brother is even more time impaired than I am so he saves me from being the one everybody waits for. This particular character trait doesn't fit very well into the corporate world for a peon like me where the badge scanner records every minute past the appointed hour for posterity. No exceptions, no excuses. My alarm clock is an el cheapo model from the Dollar General that can be pretty ornery. The first sound I heard this morning was the phone and I was already ten minutes late. Yikes! The one area of my employee evaluation that was less than stellar was the part that concerned punctuality so I lost 1/2% on my generous wage increase that fails to match the rise in insurance premiums pay for performance raise.

How about those LSU gals, huh? Pat Summitt can be one riled up broad when somebody steals her thunder and they flat did it last night. That is precisely what I love about pre-March madness on the court. It's down to the nut cuttin', as Yaya would say. Or hair pulling. Whatever gender applies :)

The smart(ass) photographer who comes around here sometimes turned me on to Eva Cassidy, and I truly can't get enough of her voice these days. It's beautiful and soothing and soulful, which is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I see big changes ahead and need to be centered.

Mama and Daddy honored me on their anniversary with a beautiful lavender calla lily and some homemade heart cookies. Babygirl got sparkly daisies. The one card that I got in the mail is shown above. Looks just like us.......

Friday afternoon roll call is complete and we're all present. Two women, three dogs and a spoiled rotten cat. You couldn't blow us out of our little haven with a stick of dynamite tonight. If you need to see us, drive on out. Second left from the by-pass at the yard with no limbs.

Peace and love and rock'n'roll kids.
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