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Usually ladies night at the kudzu bar is powered by the jukebox. Yesterday when we arrived the Lizard Rum Band was there warming up for their return gig. They had played a few weeks ago and there was all sorts of drama when Bev asked the bass player to back off on his volume so you could hear the rest of the band. Dude got all pissy and quit right there on the spot and the poor remaining Rum Lizards had to finish up bass-less. Last night's performance was donated to "redeem themselves" and they did a fine job. With a NEW bass player who learned all the songs in a few short weeks. And yes...we shook our tail feathers.

I splurged on myself today and bought a new quilt and sheets for my the dogs' bed. Sometimes you just gotta. I also shelled out close to two hundred bucks to the nice lawnmower man for servicing my two trusty machines...one push and one rider. It will be worth it to able to get out there at it when the weather turns warm. Usually I'm scrambling to get the damn things started when the grass is already knee high. It's a big old chunk of yard for one old gal to manage but I do my best, and actually enjoy it until the temperature tops 90 and that blasted humidity kicks in. The better to grow a garden by, though. Ya'll will be jealous when we're having fried green 'maters on Pecan Lane.

We are slowly but surely collecting contact information on the 200 plus members of the DHS Class of '73 for our October reunion. Thirty five years later we have lost a large number of them, including several since the last gathering five years ago. Email and tools like Plaxo have streamlined a process that was once very labor intensive just to find folks.

For all of you basketball fans out there, hold onto your hats tomorrow night when the #1 ranked U of M Tigers meet the UT Vols in Memphis. The rivalry is fierce and this is is gonna be BIG ya'll. I overheard one guy say that he sold his two fifty dollar tickets for a thousand big ones. Sheesh!

I'll be at the salt mine this weekend so if you need a lab test give me a holla. Over and out from the Poopster.

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