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Happy Fat/Super/tornadic Tuesday to you and yours. The approaching storm front has me concerned enough to buy a flashlight and batteries for the radio in case I dive into the basement. We're pretty skittish around these parts considering how many times tornados have come across the Mighty Mississippi and demolished our towns in the past few years. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sometime in October I will become Aunt Poopie for the first time! That's right...my youngest brother and his wife are expecting their first child up in the mountains of Virginia. BabyGirl has often lamented the fact that she is the only grandchild with no cousins around. Now, at the age of 24, she'll have one at last. We.are.ecstatic. I just wish Virginia wasn't 13 hours away *sigh*

I noticed a big old bolt stuck in my right front tire this weekend so this morning was take-care-of-the-car day. Karma was with me and it was fixable, so I spent the money I saved on an oil change and I'm good to go. When I stopped by the feed store to get some sunflower seed, I spotted this kitty passing time on the hay bales out front. The guy inside said he didn't belong to them, but to the book and record store shop next door. It's called Samkat's....heh.

Thanks to Kenju, Diva's little dog is now named Punkin :) They were taking their daily jaunt when I went by earlier, only Diva was carrying Punkin. I reckon he was too tired to walk and she wasn't in the mood for a song. Just a silent march toward town and back.
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