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who's in charge here?
We're establishing a new day of the week officially known as "Couch Potato Tuesday". Don't you dare steal my idea or my people will call yours and it won't be pretty. Gotta admit...while the two cookies at lunch seemed like heaven, watching the Okra show with my dogs was damn near orgasmic. Of course it didn't hurt that David Cassidy preceded the Cosby kids and their dad with a groovy dance mix. Ya'll should have seen those soccer moms busting a move. Babygirl got her Ripley class cancelled again this evening due to an invisible wintry mix on the roadways as opposed to tornado scares last week. If the weather holds out, she'll pass English with flying colors and never attend another class.

We are cozy...tucked in, if you will. She has about a year left at home and then she's off to the wild blue yonder of changing the world. We were talkin' earlier about how social change is a process that should be put in place and watched over with faith and flexible boundaries. I despise the term "grow it" in work meetings, but sometimes there's an idea worth growing. A few have to do with practicality and others are just feel good stuff to help make life fun. It's a journey *wink*

This damn election is wearing me out. That Republicans are getting as much attention as they have AS A GROUP force to be reckoned with is very disheartening to me considering what has transpired during the past four years. Ron Paul caught my attention early on with his fiscal policy but lost me with the pro-choice thing. I plan on retrieving my Edwards ballot from cyberspace and voting for Hoss. Whadda'ya think? His running mate would probably be somebody like Howard Stern or Martha Stewart. We'll work on the cabinet later. And the supreme court.

There are times in your life when you just want to stop and appreciate little pleasures, and that's what we're doing right now. It's cold and wet out there but we're warm and happy and watching Luci and Desi on DVD waiting for Hollywood to come on the teevee. I cooked last night so it's break time.

For some reason, my mind is on the war much more these days. I guess the election is responsible for some of it, but a lot has to do with regular dispatches from this reporter who has been following the conflict on terror war. His photographs have shown me the human side of those who are serving and the people they have befriended in a foreign land. It's turned into a long term commitment for folks who believe in our country, either now or the way it was back in the day. Old school. I don't watch the body count anymore like Alan did in the first few years. When somebody in a car hit him on his bicycle, my faith went out the window. Dude came back though :)

When I was a virgin b**gger I met Rose up in Philly. She has a daughter who's allergic to every damn thing and she loves to go dancing in her spare time. Rose did a couple of tarot spreads for me back when things were particularly bleak here on the lane. She was pretty much right on, too.

If you need me, I'll be in the tub soaking.
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