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the wild bunch
Me and a handful of DHS Class of '73 members met at a local bar'n'grill this afternoon and picked a date over appetizers and beer. It's so funny(sometimes haha) to look at us now, 35 years later and all the things we've lived through. Sheesh..we should write a book. Sittin' here listening to Long Road Out of Eden and waiting for the weather to hit tomorrow, I marvel at the fact that so many of us are still alive and kicking. And still able to laugh at all of it. I think that's a gift that comes with age...a survival technique or sorts where you put the bad stuff to rest and dwell on the high points. Because, after all. Life is short.

Tomorrow is also Super Tuesday for those of ya'll who are calendar impaired. At this point, I'm not real thrilled with either party or how their campaigns are being conducted. Huckabee preached at the megaginormoushitonious Southern Baptist church in Memphis yesterday. 'Nuf said on the GOP. As for the Dems, they need to shut the f**k up with the petty bickering and concentrate on giving us "special children some hope for the future. If not, we'll vote for McCain and Paul as the lesser of the two.

I didn't see Diva out singing today so I guess she was concerned with how the high winds might mess up her sound or something. One day I was passin' through and I spotted her over by the church with this little old lady following her. I figure it's her Mama and they live together. Mom had on a raincoat and was carrying an umbrella, which caught my attention. Because it was sunny. It had rained that morning but was now clear as a bell, bless her heart. At least she got to see the sight of her DivaGirl singin' her way up Troy in a miniskirt and boots with the dog in tow. I wonder what that little dog's name is?

My Mama is hosting the bridge club tomorrow, also. Daddy asked that I volunteer to put 'em up in my basement if the weather gets bad. He and Mom usually get in the bathtub when there's a warning, but he didn't think 8 women and him could fit. *snicker* Gotta love 'em. Fifty four years on Valentine's Day. Remind me to tell you the story about how the dentist caused me to miss their fiftieth celebration.

As Jerry would say, have a terrific Tuesday. ^j^
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