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winding down
Over the course of the past few days I've had a big fat shot of girlfriend power just by chance ;) Old friends and new ones have crossed my path and made me laugh. Big time. Each of us is facing something that is often tough but mostly joyful..our lives. Several have broken hearts..some are comfortable with long time partners. Or, at least they've figured out a way to meet 'em in the middle. There are a kazillion kids amongst us and work sucks sometimes. We have fun together and that's what counts when it's down to the nut cutting. Right YaYa?

We had lots of rain last night and today with more on the way. Sounds like good water for Quapaw to explore the Forked Deer next month. I'm damn near dying to plant something ya'll! There's stuff piled up wishing for dirt by the front door. Yes. I'm THAT way. If I ever buy any chickens though, call my Mama. She knows the story.

Babygirl and I cooked burgers and talked politics a little bit ago. We're both a little scared but faithful at the same time, ya know? It really doesn't matter who the president is because change begins on the lowest rungs of the government ladder. I told her about a friend of mine who's writing himself in against the incumbent. Hey...if Colbert can do it, so can Fletch.

It's hot bath time kiddos. See you at the salt mine.

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