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day 2....go ahead and laugh if you dare
We might as well, huh? Let's see where were we last time I posted? Oh yeah..in the drenching windblown rain. Babygirl did, indeed, make it home from class with her two-clenched-fists-on-the-wheel can-do attitude. What can I say? She missed Lily :) We chatted, she hit the bed and me the shower. About the time I got halfway dry and began to crawl out the whole place went dark. I won't tell you what I said, but it starts with an F and ends with a K. Now remember, the house is a shambles and nothing is where it's supposed to be...most especially candles, matches and flashlights. And I'm nekkid with wet hair stumbling through the dark looking for ANYTHING to light the way. Here comes BG to the rescue with a lit candle from her room that smells like hazelnut. Ummm...ummm. Power was restored a couple of hours later right as she pulled out for work.

At 5AM, the rain was over but the snow has started spittin' here and there. Still don't have a handle for the driver's side door due to the ice a couple of weeks ago so I have to open it with a glove or something to cover the sharp metal edge of what's left. No prob when it's dry and it's light outside. Quite a feat when it's not. Humph...I wasn't even late for work.

This is what my house looks like right.this.minute.
Floor guys are gone to cut vinyl and staying until I run them off or the toilet is taken OUT of the tub and put back on the floor, whichever comes first. So guess what that means?

Yep..me out in the flower bed in the freezing cold snow taking a leak when nature calls.

I said don't laugh. Stop it! I hear you all the way over here on Pecan Lane!!!!
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