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got 'er did

These two handsome gentlemen are at the top of my hero list right at the moment. That one on the left is Brian. And the other one? Well, he's Brian too. In three days flat these guys transformed the creaky old floors of Casa Poops into a masterpiece of wood and vinyl. If you've ever been here, you would know what a miracle that is, right Hossie? Let's just pray that Big Ernie don't send a twister blizzard to huff and puff and blow the whole thing down.

The mighty Forked Deer river is flooded like is tends to be every spring. The better to see nature up close and personal like, I say. Back when I was a kid, we used to move to town for a week at a time when the water covered the road to school and work. That's probably why our trusty red Chevy station wagon had a hole in the floor. What a trip to see the road passing under your feet!

Ya'll hang on. It's almost Friday ^j^
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