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happy shit

Well kids, it's finally rabbit!rabbit!day on Pecan Lane. Is it just me or was this really a long February? Happens every year to those of us who are itching to get out there to dig in the dirt and wade in the water. There's something about the growing season that just helps us to keep the faith when it all seems impossible.

I've been dreaming lately, which is unusual for me. I suppose it's my way of dealing with loss and grief of which there has been o'plenty recently. It's funny..and not haha..how I spent two years and countless energy grieving the losses that I had experienced by the young age of thirty something. With Beverly's guidance, I found the strength to be present for the people that I love and say it when I feel it. Living life that way leaves one with very few regrets and a full heart.

Love ya...mean it.

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