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he is not here
I've often wondered what it would have felt like for those on funeral duty at the tomb that morning. It was obviously empty yet there was no way that it COULD be. How wonderful for all of us that it was~~

I've spent most of this weekend so far cleaning. Something about having new floors makes a girl want to keep the rest of it lookin' decent. Just a little more paint, and it'll be (finally) where we want it. I've lived in transition for several years dreaming about it..

Another transition has been my acceptance of the good things in life. Oddly enough, the more I reach out for them the more I'm given. There was a time when I wouldn't have given you a cold beer for the chance to ever see daylight financially even after the emotional stuff got sorted through. I am wise spiritual enough to know that there have been people praying for me along the way and that's the only way I have kept the faith. Thanks ya'll and bless your hearts. Every one of you.

We'll be eating with the grands at Mary Lou's for Easter dinner. Me and Mom are both way too tired to do all that cooking:) A new tradition is born! I'll be sure to remind her about the preacher's Easter greeting to her in the ER that day which came from the title of his sermon.


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