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How ya'll doing this Good Friday? I'm tickled to be home in my jammies with the dogs nearby, knocking the sawdust out of my bedroom closet. Simple Man gal. Cheap date. I'm currently jamming with Bonnie Raitt and thinking about what this day is about. A couple of years ago I was working at the sawmill when I got a call to meet Daddy in the ER because Mama had been in a wreck. It was Easter Sunday, but the preacher took a break in between early and late services to come and pray for us while she was laying there crying and bleeding on the stretcher. That was her last drive before she became Miss Daisy. She seems to be enjoying the ride :)

As fate would have it, I ran into redneck friend at the intersection by the mission store this afternoon and we commenced to drinking some beer and watching basketball at the kudzu bar with the afternoon crew. Most of our brackets are busted already thanks to upsets. I hate it when that happens, ya know? Especially on the second day of spring. My boss and her hub are nestled away in a mountain cabin with the most spoiled rotten dog in the world over towards middle TN where his momma lives. I talked to her from the road early this morning. The other boss? Talked to him yesterday on his way out of town. Flu season seems to be easing up...life is good for us out there on the front lines of sneezing/fever/muscle aches.

Gotta get back to the closet. Ya'll keep the faith this Easter weekend. It's what the whole thing is about.

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