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just another day in paradise..

Cute as hell ain't they? Babygirl got home awhile ago from the current session of legislation in Nashville. Sounds kind of interesting. Thanks to big ernie she's home to sleep with that spoiled rotten cat of hers before she heads to court in the morning.

Yep...Daddy's in a pinch. I gotta tell you and be honest about it...I admire him for what he's accomplished in the past couple of years. Dude went from homeless guy strung out on meth and crack to working two jobs straight just to make things right with the people he has hurt. Thats' a step somewhere amongst the twelve, I believe.

The day job has slowed down a bit and I'm loving it. More time to talk about life and love and all that shit. George's wife has been in what you call in the "widow fog" for the past month, according to one who knows the feeling all too well. Dang, I hope she'll work for me when we go to visit our cousin/niece-or-nephew in Virginia this fall. They charge us a dime now for a cup of ice at work due to the rising cost of petroleum based products. Ha...I'll show them. I recycle. A good friend of mine is on the way to southern FL this weekend to stand by her son. Let's pray about that one and be specific. Joshua is his name.

The fallen pine is no more, thanks to KT and Bubba. Oh, and me. Amongst the three of us we chopped that thing into little pieces and piled it all up for a future bonfire. Note to self: * make sure city FD coverage is current* Last I saw of the trunks they were on the front end of a tractor chain headed for the dump. Mom is at Lake Barkley Pickwick with her childhood friends and Daddy is more than likely watching Gunsmoke in his recliner.

Me and some other idiots are planning a 35 year reunion for the DhS class of '73, bless our hearts. Basically that consists of staying in touch with everybody as life brings it to us. Everytime I watch " That Seventies Show " I cringe at the lengths we went in order to vent our frustrations with the war and our government in general. What were we thinking?&+*

I'm good..how about ya'll?
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