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ladies night
I passed on the kudzu bar thing this afternoon for the opportunity to play outside and burn daylight shit. I can still see the glowing remains of pine needles and pecan branches out front. Dang I love spring! The megapile is dryin' out for a couple of weeks before we fire it up. That will most certainly be a special occasion. Ya'll bring your chairs and coolers. And any fire extinguishers you might have laying around. PASS :)

We talk about the damndest things at work when we have the time. This afternoon the subject was high school teachers screwing their students and accountability, not necessarily in that order. Rumor has it that a couple of female teachers have been canned recently for gettin' in on with teenaged boys. By the time we went back to work there were no less than ten opinions on the table and nobody was right. I like that kind of dialogue because, frankly, I am all about the gray areas of life.

Mama got delivered back home this afternoon from her girl trip all safe and sound. According to her, they talked until the wee hours and ate a lot of ice cream. Sounds good to me. They stopped on the road for a burger today and were chattering like magpies when one of them noticed that a guy a couple of tables over was laughing with them carrying on like schoolgirls. He told them he was a preacher who had two funerals to do tomorrow and they brightened up his day. Ain't it wonderful how Big Ernie works in the oddest of ways?

The mighty Mississippi river is about to crest and has already spilled all over everything back to where it used to live. My friend the riverman is doing a highwater tour from Memphis to Greenville next week with a few brave souls in a dugout canoe. I'm just saying...I hope a snake don't bite 'em in the ass.

Ya'll be careful out there.

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