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monday monday

Mine was swell 'cuz I wasn't pinched even though I didn't wear a speck of green. Well, except for that shot the dentist gave me. That was more like a sharp stab in the roof of the mouth, bless my heart. After that I managed to do a little yard work and cook some supper for the traveling babygirl. Talapia is always a good choice when pressed for a quick and easy menu.

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I've lost fifteen pounds so far this year and haven't done anything different except ratchet up my activity level a bit and take green tea caplets. I reckon I can thank the sawmill for part of that, but the rest of it is due to home improvement and walking around the yard seeing things that just HAVE to be done because it's spring. Some time ago I quit the latest greatest statin for my cholesterol and substituted flaxseed oil. That number went down as well. Could it possibly be that the uber drug companies are making a killing at the expense of consumers? Hmmmmm. My HDL remains terminally low, but thanks to olive oil the triglyceride level is reasonable and the LDL is low as well.

Which brings me around to the price of oil and politics. About a week or so ago I ranted the biggest bitchfest you ever saw about this government in general and the Bush administration in particular. It never got posted because ya'll come here for the laughs, right? I'll give you the short version with bullets.

1. Get the eff out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who have served there did so because they were misled to believe that it would make a difference in the "war on terror". Not so. It's all about supply and demand of oil for soccer mom SUV driving and big fat honking trucks in America. Ride a bike, for God's sake. Take a walk. When Dubya's motorcade brushed right past Cindy Sheehan in Crawford that day,a little piece of my belief in this country died. Just as it did when the government failed the Americans on the Gulf Coast after Katrina.

2. Nobody lives forever, even if Terri Schiavo's family thought that she should. She had absolutely no comfort in her death, thanks to Bill Frist et al. When for-profit medicine lobbies on the basis of political power, everybody loses spiritually.

That was about the extent of it. Can't bitch much about the stock market because I've got nada invested. If I did? I'd be cashing it all in and burying the bucks in a jar in the backyard like in the old days. That's how much faith I have in the economy of the US at this point in time.

You'll never find it so don't even bother to dig.

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