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organized chaos
Ya'll didn't really think I'd go a whole week without b**gging did you? Sheesh. Where there's a will there's a way. I've spent the major part of today creating my temporary command center in the one room that won't be worked on during Floorfest 08...the dining room. Never mind that the nearest live phone jack is in my bedroom...we've got long cords :)

I'm embracing this week as an opportunity to clean up the place a bit and knock some dust off of the old usual. We've got plenty of that in the form of bunnies and the plain old lay-there-on-the-furniture and be annoying type. It comes with the territory of living in a hundred year old house in the middle of a farm. I gave up dust and dirt for Lent.

Got a little sun on my face yesterday afternoon and I must say it looks better that way since I'm not much on makeup. I'm even wearing shorts today, but it won't last. The forecast is for thunderstorms and snow in the next few days. Where in the world do you see that kind of weather? Only in West Tennessee.

Ya'll have a groovy week kids. I'll be at the sawmill just like you.

Don't it just suck to be us?

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