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remember when

It's cold and rainy....perfect weather to pile up in the house and do mindless things. I ran across an old videotape last night of a big party at the day job from about 15 years ago. Somebody in maintenance filmed it and managed to get plenty of nice butt shots on the young gal...which was most of us at the time. My boss is in the dunking booth holding her nose and I was on the stage shakin' my tail to Achy Breaky Heart. Lawd. I saw the faces of several people who have long since died and many who have moved on to other jobs and lives. I'm sure the patients got taken care of just as well, or better, than they would have if we had not gone to the effort to have some fun as a group. Happy team players = happy customers.

I got out of the flannel around two and me and the BG went to visit the grands. She showed us the pictures of she and her buds in downtown Nashvegas around the legislative plaza. A real learning experience, for sure. The one senator who was opposing the bill they were watching didn't show up for a scheduled meeting with them, but a 73 year old social worker did, so it was all good. She and her Dad have had a together type experience with the court system this week. That went well also.

I totally bricked on tournament brackets this year so it's a good thing I don't gamble the real green. Put too much faith in the home teams ;) No, actually there's been a lot of good play and they got beat the hard way. I've learned from redneck friend and bosslady that as long as you play your heart out the win isn't always what matters.

The evening is mine to blow as I choose, which means I'm in for the night. Maybe some old pictures next?

Keep the faith kids.

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