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slow learner

The kudzu bar will probably fire me as photographer because I've been absent of late. I doubt seriously they'd find anybody else who would put out the effort and pay for their own beer while capturing it all for posterity. My bad.

Once upon a time I was a married gal who fell in love with a farmer from up north and decided it was do or die time. There was a divorce and a lot of hard feelings and the farmer still won't speak to me. Instead, he hangs out with and texts our mutual friend when he's not cruising the interstate in an eighteen wheeler. Also my bad.

I'm not quite sure what it is about me that hooks into guys who aren't available emotionally but I'm sorry to say that I think I passed it onto the kid. You know the type as well as I do...the ones who have baggage and reach out to you then disappear when you take the bait. Farmer boy was one of those...work guy was another. There was another one too..an Eagle Scout. His baggage is so heavy it takes a bucket truck to carry it.

Which brings us to where I am now. Single for six years legally, but a helluva lot longer in my head. Devoted Mom to a Babybird who is close to leaving the nest. Grateful daughter of parents who have taught me well. The quiet force in the midst of a totally dysfunctional workplace. Loyal to a fault. Failing eyesight and post-menopausal, all the while believing in miracles.

Keepin' the faith.

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