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snow on the buttercups

Okay then. I dreamed of a white Christmas, but noooooooooo. What I get is a white March the 7th. It's coming down like crazy with 3-5 inches in the forecast. Me and BG are hunkered down for the weekend with our new floors and lots of cleaning to do. That sawdust sticks like freakin' glue to glass and furniture. We've kind of been on auto-pilot this entire week so it feels good to relax. We spent Wednesday night, she and I plus two dogs and one cat in her double bed. Sounds cozy, huh? Butterbean doesn't care for "togetherness" so she slept curled on a chair.

I'm so tired I can't think of one more witty thing to say. Ya'll have a great weekend and I'll catch ya later.

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