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spam for breakfast
Lord have mercy and bless their hearts....my beautiful floral Easter photos got counterpointed with a full blown comment straight from the Left Behind crew drawn from the book of Revelations. I'm not sure, but I think it was a GOP spammer *snort*
I reckon I'm now a threat to the Republican party because I tend to think that their last eight years in power have been a bunch of poop at our expense. So, sue me for that surprise!tax!refund! advance on next year's payback for the privilege of paying for a war that I was against from the get go. If I thought it would help things, I would gladly give it back.

Today was a Monday and also pap smear day. Gotta keep my date every three months with the gyn, ya know? We have regressed from low grade dysplasia to ASCUS during the year and a half courtship amongst me and him and the pathology group making the cytological call on the state of my cervix. I must say that I feel much more secure knowing exactly who is looking at that stuff rather than thinking that it's being run through a pap smear mill somewhere in outer Mongolia. The day job has its' perks in spite of the aggravations.

I worked on the pile'o'pine that is my front yard this afternoon and made a little bit of progress. The rest will have to wait on a guy with a chain saw. I've always wanted one, but just KNOW that I'd shoot my eye out with it so I call in professionals like my brother and KT. I'll have to pay them back with fresh asparagus. Did a little work on that area of the ranch today too. There's this big old mess of multiflora roses and honeysuckle all wound around each other and through the fencing next to the bed. Ouch!

BG is gone to a legislative conference in Nashvegas for a couple of days so I've got custody of Lily the cat, in addition to the precious canine threesome AKA Faith, Butterbean and Sam. It's looking like a crowded night in the old queen sized bed this evening.

Hope they don't mind my snoring.


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