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Yes, I'm still here, but shopping for mace or a nifty little handgun to protect me from the evils of the world. I'm so naive, ya'll. Hatchet man could bust right in and murder us in our sleep but I feel pretty damn sure that the dogs would eat his ass up before he ever took the first whack. Don't mess with Mama and BG when there's a pack of wild canines just looking for a reason to attack.

In other news, Lily seems to be growing up and wanting to get laid which definitely ain't gonna happen in my lifetime. We've had enough litters of kittens born around here to last until the next millenium. The noises are pitiful, and I can sure relate to the mournful howls of a woman in need *snort* At least I don't crawl all over people and cry when I get that way. Gawd. She's sittin' on my shoulder right now purring for love.

We've had some glorious weather here on Pecan Lane and I've made the most of it piddling in the yard and sheds and sowin' a few wildflower seeds. Currently in bloom: daffodil, quince, forsythia and that bush with the tiny white flowers that I don't know the name of. If I post a picture can somebody name it for me?

Butterbean is barking at the moon again. I'm off tomorrow. All is well in my neck of the woods.
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