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thank god we had basil

Mama needed a couple of teaspoons for a pork project. Something to do with orange juice. Still got some leaves frozen from last summer so I scooped some out for her right there on the spot. Sheesh...do we love our parents or what?! Daddy came by this afternoon to see me and the critters. As you know, the cat is in heat and a total nuisance. The dogs are finally gettin' up off their asses and playing outside like everybody 'oughta do when it starts greening up in the northern most west Tennessean kind of way.

Anna and Conner came out this week to feed the horses. They both dropped the fruit in the dirt because they were afraid of those big old nasty horse lips. And the teeth. Trapper and Pride loved every bite!

I have to work relish the opportunity to serve sick and dying folks this weekend. I bitch about the day jog a lot but it's a great chance to meet patients where they are and make a difference in the lives of them and their family members. Getting to know them as people rather than bill #s makes it all worthwhile. Besides, when somebody is sick who do they wanna see?? A familiar face you can trust is a good start.

My yard is tuning into Easter egg colors like purple, hot pink and yellow. Lots of green too. Ya'll know that makes old Poops happy, right? BG had some famous folks all up in the hotel last night..sweet tater kweens on their way to Mississippi to march in the St. Paddy's Day parade down there. As Elpee tells it, the ones who put the balloons in their bras are official..the rest of the bunch is just security. I asked her how about us gals who don't have ROOM for the balloons and she didn't have an answer. It' prolly got something to do with blood oaths and friendship. I'm just guessin', though.

Once upon a time there was a bunch of us girls who met at Bev's place and dubbed ourselves the kudzu kweens strictly because there's so dang much of it over there by the Forked Deer river where the property sits smack in the middle of a flood zone. A lot of our camraderie has involved talking about men and how they do. We'll just call it our support group and leave it at that, umkay?

Debbie and Ronnie are gettin' married tomorrow and I gotta tell you I'm happy for 'em. She and I are the sisters we never had, ya know? Talked to Claude this afternoon and it was good to hear her voice again after all this time. Hat tip to Kay for having the number :)

The river exploration got postponed for a couple of weeks due to unstable weather conditions. Apparently the consultants don't like to get wet and muddy or else they're worried about liability and lightning. It'll all work out in the end.

I still don't know the name of that wild lookin' bush with all the white blooms. Maybe I'll google it. Ya'll should feel blessed that you didn't have to read last night's rant about the war. It wasn't the least bit purdy.

I'll be at work...holla if you need me.

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