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welcome to (the new and improved) casa poopsie

We are almost back to normal around here. Well. As much as ever are :) And yes indeed..I was in a mood last night. A very bad one. It's all better today, thankyouverymuch. Must have something to do with sunshine and warmth. The snow went as quickly as it came but it was pretty to watch. A winter without at least one snowfall is like...uh...early spring.

BG is on spring break this week so she only has the night job to contend with. That's a piece of cake without the daily commute to classes. Notice the big smile above! Lily went outside with me this afternoon to climb a couple of trees just because she can. She's a climbing fool, that cat. All three dogs are learning how to not slide on the laminate when they play and their nails make a nice click-click-click letting me know exactly where they are at any given moment. Sam went over to the landfill dump across the road and retrieved this little toy dog that he has claimed as his baby..it squeaks when he shakes it in his mouth. His favorite activity lately has been taunting Faith with it just enough to get her to play a rowdy game of tugs.

Mom and Daddy dropped by to see the new floors and now they're off in the truck to check out the cows. Mama hasn't been in that truck in ummmm....years. She's up for arthroscopy on her bad knee soon so I won't be at all surprised if she signs up for a marathon after that. How totally amazing considering what she's been through in the past couple of years.

Ya'll have a good week and keep the faith.

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