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wild weather and the missing easter bunny
Hat tip to Yaya for this most sentimental of holiday greetings *snort*

We are waterlogged once again here in Poopieland but safe following a wild couple of days of weather. That very same weather that dumped up to a foot of rain in Missouri and killed 11 people. Yes, I feel blessed. No tornado touchdowns. Just a lot of wooden mess to clean up in the yard. I don't think I have EVER experienced such high straight line winds as what we had last night. I woke up about 1:30 this morning to thunder and lightning and a sound sort of like the house was about to take off for Kansas. There are some things that were on the porch that will never be found, and the already ailing four or five pine trees gave up the ghost and crashed on down on top of the buttercups and iris. Anybody up for a chainsaw party? I also found, when I got up to investigate, that the dining room door had blown open and the floor was covered with water from end to end. Nothing a few towels couldn't quickly take care of.

My buddy Jim bestowed upon me the You Make the World a Better Place award over at his b**g and I am tickled to be in the company of other such thoughtful bloggers. Thanks Jim! What are ya'll eating tonight?????????

Yesterday was not only the birthday of the grand kween of the kudzu bar but also the grand opening of the newly constructed patio, just in time for her party. No furniture yet, but that will come. Good thing it wasn't there last night, or it would have blown plum over into the kudzu by the river!

Another Diva and Punkin sighting today when I least expected it and was not prepared with the camera. Ya'll are gonna just die when you see this chick, bless her heart. And by the way, bless mine too for not having anything better to do than stalk a nutcase and her dog. A good Sugardaddy would probably cure that. But then again, maybe not.

The fact that I've been off for two days makes hump day all the more wonderful. As my friend Mahala over there in Frog Pond Holler says "Hump it real good!"

As you were.

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