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the wood is good
The heavens have opened up and blessed? us with a monsoon of epic proportions. If you're northeast of here, it's headed your way. Don't bother with the umbrella because the wind is so freakin' fierce it won't do any good. I'm playing remote ONSTAR* mom as Babygirl travels home from Martin to see her beloved cat on crack kitty and all the rest of us who live here. I certainly hope our fellow members of the Class of '73 know how much we love 'em to wade through the water to our reunion planning meeting this afternoon. We sure are having fun just talking about it! Next meeting will be at my house because it's too dang much trouble to get waited on where we've been going. With age comes practicality and orneriness. Don't tell me that's not a word. I know better.
Floor guys switched to Plan B today when they discovered that it will take a full inch of plywood cap to level the floors of this old house before the pretty stuff goes down. Work will commence early tomorrow morning when I leave for the sawmill and BG heads to Memaw's couch for the Tuesday nap. Looks like she'll have to crank up the fireplace since there's snow in the forecast. *sigh* Please remind me in July that I dared to whine about cold wet weather. Just don't be surprised if I wipe sweat on you.
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