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you might be a redneck if.....
..you cover the bottom of the ancient rainbow vacuum bowl with plastic wrap because it leaks and duct tape didn't work and you can't afford another one. But then again, you might just be a smartass middle aged country gal with a lot of sawdust to get rid of. Sometimes we just figure out how to make things work for the moment, ya know?

A great big shoutout to my sistercousin Debbie and my newest out in-law Ronnie up in Kentucky. The got married today after several years of thinking about the pros and cons of wedded bless in between raising chickens and making stained glass windows and such. I was planning on attending the nuptials and snaggin' me a Kentucky sugardaddy but..you guessed it. It's my scheduled weekend at the sawmill. Business was steady today as I'm sure it will be tomorrow. Everybody and their brother decides to get sick on Saturday and Sunday, bless their hearts.

I was real proud to hear that Idgie survived the nasty weather that hit around Atlanta last night. Lord knows we couldn't live without her wit and humor, not to mention her editorial skills. Ya'll wanna make that girl happy? Send her a picture of some cows or some kudzu.

These longer days are really throwing me for a loop because I have to wait until a respectable hour after dark to climb into the bed with the dawgs. This normally involves much pushing and shoving to get 'em out of my spot and into theirs. They love nothing better than when I'm up and about and they've got the whole queen size to their ownselves. In MY spot, by the way.

Watch out for leprechauns and green beer. I hear they go well together in a kinky sort of way.
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