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How are ya'll this lovely hump day? Wacky Wednesday, I believe Jerry would say :) I'm sort of discombobulated this week following my recent bout with the avian flu . A co-worker and good friend hooked me up on the road to recovery. Perks, I tell 'ya. Pure heaven spending 30 years with doctors and their egos. Surgeons are the worst, but don't tell anybody I said so. Hey..I know all about gettin' dooced.

The water is finally easing back off of the cropland just in time for the planes to dive and dip dropping shit stuff on the dirt to prepare for this year's bounty. Don't imagine I'll see the turkeys again unless somebody shows up with a plan that doesn't involve guns. This old gal would've never made it as a pilgrim woman, I'm just saying. I would have been dead that first winter when everybody was trudging through the snow to the creek.

My parents continue to be a joy each and every day. They are at that stage in life where they love every day for what it brings and enjoy sittin' in their respective recliners and remembering when. BG is choking on the price of gas to finish the commute for her degree and I can't help a whole lot. See: Bush administraion, et al. I'm still undecided as to a presidential ballot for this election. I wouldn't give you two cents for any of the top three, if the truth be told. Where the hell is Ralph Nader when we need him????

Yaya called me this afternoon to join some friends on the patio for some catching up. Three of us have moms who have played bridge together for years on alternate Tuesdays. Today was..umm. You guessed it. Time to get together and remember when.

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