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as the worm turns

Following an extended absence, Diva and Punkin got outta the crib for some fresh air yesterday right as I was driving by. Diva is sort of dressed down from her usual getup but I admire the fact that she's wearing a halter top and shorts and it ain't even May yet. Actually, I think the outfit goes quite well with her high top black tennies and white socks. Punkin had evidently decided that she didn't feel like walking the last few feet back to the crib and just sat her ass down on the concrete refusing to move. That probably explains why Diva carries her most of the time on the arm that's not holding the boombox up to her ear. She was carrying some sort of silver clutch bag which didn't make it into the picture. I figure she kept her crazy check in there when she walked to the bank to cash it. Or maybe her little black book. Any of you hot guys out there want me to hook ya'll up?

Old Poops is sick. I've made it through flu season without gettin' bit and all I can figure is that, by the law of averages, it's my time to have a cold. Nobody available to rub my head even. Pssht. Life ain't fair sometimes. I sat out on the front steps Sunday after work and bawled my everloving eyes out just because sometimes a girl needs to do that to sort of clear the air. When we get like that, there's nothing short of a Caribbean vacation that will make things better. Unfortunately, that ain't in the budget so I cried it out and put on my big girl panties and soldiered on.

I have never, in my entire life, had a TV in my bedroom. That is about to change because I need some entertainment up in there and there's not much going on in the sex department, if you know what I mean. I never seem to light long enough on the couch in the living room to watch ANYTHING so this is plan P. I feel sure that the dawgs will enjoy watching Stewie with me. It will be "our time."

My sympathies to Redneck Friend and all the rest of us who were pulling for the U of M Tigers last night. Sheesh. Put Kansas into overtime and they turn into a freakin' scoring machine. Well played Tigers! Next time, avoid the overtime at all costs. I doubt seriously that Stanford will do the same to the Lady Vols this evening. Pat Summitt just don't play that way.

More heavy rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. Don't be surprised if I show up with some pics of us sandbagging the kudzu bar. The little place right behind them already has water upto the back porch. I bet there's snakes in there too. Big ones that will bite your butt.

Gotta go hit the cold medicine again and check the asparagus bed. The warm days have finally coaxed a few spears out into the open. Can you say Yuuuuummmm??

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