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chittlins and cheese sticks
It's been almost a year since the last show at Midnight Rodeo which featured Primal Heart, if I'm not mistaken. You can bet the farm that I was there in the kitchen sipping a beer and enjoying the live music each and every time the doors opened for bidness. I'm funny about the tunes that way. Too bad the 'burg wouldn't support a cool venue like that. I reckon they'd all rather go to the country club and swap keys when the night's over. There's a group named something about pink dogs that is their legacy. I reckon their mama and them are mighty proud when they see the bumper stickers.

Even though I lost money on that rodeo deal and wore my fragile little self OUT cleaning the grease in the kitchen, it was among the best times of my life because we were on a mission. When it all seemed impossible, the whole thing came together and everybody had fun and danced or sang along. Of course I was a whole year younger then and a lot less tired.

The last time I saw the ocean was back before Gulf Shores got slammed with a hurricane and I'm having serious beach withdrawals, thanks in part to the smartass photographer and his posts from St. Augustine. I also need a vacation. Like....bad. But I regress.

I don't make the b**g rounds much these days because life is busybusybusy what with the day job and the big ass yard to take care of. Not to mention all the sawdust that's still stuck on every surface around here. Did ya'll know that clean floors show up every.speck.of.dirt that is known to humankind? Yep..it's true. That's a very stressful situation for a slob like me who has three in-and-out dawgs during a particularly muddy spring in Tennessee.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for a brazillion bucks.

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