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electability and rice rationing
Shoutout to my cousin Sandy in West Virginia for today's graphic :) I haven't watched the news in oh....a week or more. Tonight's viewing clearly showed me why I tend to skip it in favor of That 70's Show or the Bluecollar Comedy Tour. What did I see? Hillary hollering "jobs JOBS jobs!!" in Pennsylvania. Sam's and Costco restricting rice purchases because the price has doubled in the past few months. Promotions for our military officials running the "war on terror." Mortgage and credit crisis and the price of fuel. We're not in a recession, though. Just flirtin' with one is what the experts say. Bulls**t. Exxon, BP and Wallyworld are posting record profits while the rest of us shop at the dollar store for essentials and worry about how to get to work then grow our own food when we clock out from the day job.

Got the yard mowed today, finally. and picked up the first tick of the season. Found that sucker crawling up my leg. EWWWWW!*# I followed that up with some water hose play, cleaning the siding around the back porch, redneck style. That siding is twenty years old and has never been pressure washed. Ya'll got one you can bring over? I'll buy the beer. Afterwards we can burn that big old pile out front. Heck, I'll even cook some supper. You like fresh asparagus?

In spite of regular ingestion of prescribed meds, I find myself in "that mood" again...the one that doesn't have a name and is sort of unsettled. Not sad or mad or anything like that. Just kind of weary from keepin' the faith time and time again when it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Which is how it usually goes around here ^j^
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