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I was whining to a friend the other day about the current state-of-the- union mood and he told me, basically, what I needed to hear at the time. Something along the lines of " put on your big girl panties and deal with it." Something to be said for that kinda tough talk.

Counting blessings is a daily thing for me because, frankly, I've blessed to the max living all my life on the same piece of land with my family close by. We moved here twenty years ago because I was dead set that the BG get the chance to experience it too. In spite of hitonious utility bills and extreme drama, we're still here. And still kickin'! We have dirt to grow things on ;) I listen to the elders more now because I am about to become one of them and the story has to be told and passed on. I swear to you that if I look down from heaven and see eighteen more holes of golf where I used to live, there will be hell to pay.

Ya'll know I've worked at one place for thirty years which means either I'm crazy, lazy or loyal. Actually it's been a good mixture of the three that has kept me punching the clock all this time. I have so many people to call friend that have held my hand or patted my head when the shit hit the fan. Many of them work somewhere else now. Some are dead. It's like a little community, where you go for the day job. Nobody wants to be there really but we all make the best of it and watch each others' backs when crunch time comes. Well, uh...most of us.

My parents are such a joy these days I can't find the words. They are at the point in life where nothing much matters but being together and going through their routine just a bit more slowly. They have recliners a few feet apart and cell phones programmed with important numbers. They are happy.as.clams. That makes me happy too by default. Brother 1 is planning a visit soon...it's all good.

To be honest with you, I got stuck with crying babies too many early mornings doing the nursery and I just didn't want to hold 'em for a long time after that. When BG was still in utero I tormented the heck out of her poking my belly while sprawled out in a recliner with my big fat self. Loved every minute of it too. She had a little trouble gettin' here, but the first time I held her I knew that we were partners for life and beyond. Lately, I've found myself holding babies again and playing with 'em. Lori brought hers in several times and I got to be the cuddler without inflicting pain. Much more fun, kids. Much.

There have been some pretty deep vallies that I doubt I could have managed without puppy kisses from my dawgs. We've birthed kittens in a drawer, closet and basement and buried many loved ones who got gobbled up by nature. I see turkeys and deer and 'possums *oh my*! And the most beautiful sunsets ever. The horses are part of the scenery but they don't get much action unless the dogs start to running them around the pasture.

Old Poops is missing the live band at the Kudzu bar this evening because it's almost dark and I can't wait to crawl into a nice hot tub and soak. Supper's in progress and I'm not cooking so, life is good. I hate to be cliche but man...I love that bar. Maybe next Thursday, 'huh Kweens?

There was no tornado last night..In fact, I slept through the whole thing. I won't ever forget the night a tornado really did come and I was totally oblivious. My sister-in-law called from Memphis to give us heads up on the track and it went bat shit crazy less than a mile from our house. I still notice the missing trees on Thompson's hill when I drive home every day.

Why does the wind die down at night? I mean, gah. Does Big Ernie know when it's time to say "be still"? There's a huge pile of pine out front that's just waiting for a special occasion to go up in flames. Follow the smoke signals and you can't get lost.

Time to go figure out how to record SNL for later.


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