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i will survive
Wasn't quite sure, until I woke up today coughing and hackin' and blowing clear snot out of my sinus cavities. The wonders of modern medicine and physician's samples never cease to amaze this smartass country girl. Did I mention grateful too?

It's cold again, with more rain and a light frost in the forecast. Hopefully we won't have a hard freeze like the one last spring that killed every living bloomin' thing. It would be nice to have some peaches and apples on the trees come this summer.

I have a live TV perched within viewing distance of my bed this evening so as to watch SNL accompanied by the warmth of a three dog night. They all like comedy as much as I do, bless their hearts. In the meantime, we're happy with the food channel and NASCAR.

I was on my way to the kudzu bar to meet Yaya yesterday afternoon when I passed by Pennington's and spotted some ferns out on the sidewalk, strategically placed to entice junkies like me. I'll travel a few more miles on my wore out tennis shoes and enjoy the pleasure of a big old honkin' ass Boston fern swinging in the breeze on one of the porches. I still have mucho work to do on Casa Poops, but I have faith now that it will happen. I heard one time or another that "to clean up a mess you have to make one." That is especially true with an old house like mine. It's a journey, not a destination.

Not only will I be an aunt this year, but also the proud poopie to my cousin/sister's first grandchild. It's a boy, by the way.

I'll be back around to see ya'll sometime soon. Maybe after another shot in the ass.

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