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it is well.........
As I type, the first hummer of '08 has arrived to feed. He came yesterday, but the feeder wasn't up yet. I've spent several hours today outside diggin' in the dirt like a kid. My current mood is all about the good feelings that come with planting a seed and believing with all of your heart that if it don't bloom this year, maybe next spring. On a scale of 1 to 10, today was an 11 on Pecan Lane in the community of Samaria Bend.

I ran into our official mayor up at the dollar store and we talked forEVER about everybody who ever has been and will be around these parts. I hear there's a family wedding coming up soon for them very soon. My people are all busy gettin' married and having babies too. "Time moves ahead", Mozella said. She worked at the hospital for about 22 years in the OR department sterilizing things and making friends with everybody.

Babygirl is tryin' to hang in there for another week or two until she gets a break from school. I don't guess I ever told ya'll how much respect I have for her, did I? She's planning on seeing Santana at MIM and I'm jealous so she promised me a picture. We have a date on Mother's Day to cater to the grands at our place. Don't tell anybody, but umm..sometimes we drink margaritas when we're cooking!

Most of the fields are plowed that are above water, and it's amazing to watch how they work their way back towards the waterline breaking up the dirt to plant corn or cotton or beans. The turkeys headed back where they don't have to worry about rednecks shootin' their butts. Give me strength!

"Bless ALL our hearts" is about the extent of wisdom that I've got to offer right now. Everybody's got something going on that is stressful or sad and we are fortunate to have a few folks who really care along the path called life. Ya'll know who you are ^j^

Mahala posted some pictures of the front and back views from her home in Frog Pond Holler and told about the landscape, so to speak. I usually try to stay in touch with what's happening over there...interesting neighbors.

As for me? Hmmmm....a good kinda tired that comes from doing something you love, dirt and allergens and all that mixed into one payback that you don't mind in the least. Something will grow, if not now...later.

Have a great week kids. And don't forget to go to Hallmark and buy a card for your favorite medical laboratory person. The poor things are so used to being lavished with praise that they might not appreciate the thought.

There will be pictures.

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