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let 'em eat cake fishheads and corn
I'm in a pissy ranty sort of mood so if you came here for the warm fuzzies you might as well move on. Oddly enough, it was teevee coverage of tapped out independent truckers coupled with doubletalk by oil executives when questioned about record profits that set me off. Imagine that. Me...the little guy getting mad about being screwed by the very government that is sworn to look after my best interests. I'm thinking that when the hauling stops the powers that be might sit up and pay attention. The bottom line is that us little bitty consumers bottom feeders will be the ones to pay the price in the end..hell we already do. Remember that dime for a cup of ice at the day job? Um hmmm.

We survived the storm last night which turned out to be a little puff of wind compared to what we've experienced here before on the hill. All it did was add more water to the already flooded rivers and run the turkeys out into the open where I got to pause and watch them feed on the way to town this morning. There was a couple of big old males all puffed up struttin' around amongst the harem of 40 or so hens and kidlets. The sun finally came out today after a week in hiding but it won't last long. More rain on the way. Not a good spring to be a farmer close to the Mighty Mississippi and its' tributaries.

On a humorous note, the mayor of Memphis has decided that he doesn't care for that gig and wants to be the superintendant of city schools for the same pay. King Willie, they call him. Now, I don't know the man personally or anything, but he sure has been involved in a lot of controvery lately..especially involving his buddies at MLGW and ladies of questionable integrity. I'm gonna wait and see if he gets what he wants. If he scores, I'm gonna demand that I get an easier job at the sawmill without a pay cut. THAT will happen when donkeys fly and the devil ice skates right up to your front door.

Today is "Doctors' Day" which is when we pause to honor those great members of the healing arts profession and watch Scrubs re-runs for hours on end. Watching that show is the only thing about healthcare that makes me smile these days. For every egotistical arrogant MD who has taken out his frustrations with life on me, I imagine he or she as a resident gettin' dissed by a veteran nurse with an attitude or an attending on a power trip from hell. Hey..whatever works at the moment.

Now, ain't I just a precious little bundle of sweetness and light? Damn skippy.

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