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One time when I was in the attic digging through an old trunk, I found this decopage plaque from my high school days and took it downstairs with me to restore to my life. I have NO idea who gave it to me but I liked the words. Still do, so it's hanging on the door to my bedroom as a sort of mantra to all who enter here...including cats and dogs. No snakes allowed. Or horses. Or even cute little baby calves. Rabbits? Only on the first of the month or somewhere close.

I got an email from a friend today asking for some special karma for his friend who is pretty sick. I've never met Friend1 in person but I know enough about who he is as a person to know that anybody who's a friend of his is a friend of mine. Card in the mail, Junebug ^j^

The weather is what we like to call in West Tennessee "unsettled" which means grab the candles and run to the basement on a moment's notice when west meets east next to a big muddy river. The wind blew the freakin' tablecloths off at BossLady's cookout for us today but we had fun anyway. Always nice to get away from the sawmill and talk real life smack. If you get a cellphone call from my basement anytime in the next month...Please!Answer!

Lily has this annoying kitty habit of wanting to climb all over me when I'm typing so she can perch on my left shoulder and watch the mouse. The claws are sharp, ya'll. I've discovered that a spray bottle full of water will send her packin' to Babygirl's room to whine and howl like the princess that she is and generally have her feelings hurt because she's not being held. Puleeeezzz.........

It's my weekend at the sawmill so you know what means. Yeah..party like a rock star and roll out about 5AM to save your life. Trust me, okay? I got into a hissing fight with a guy at work yesterday that had me so mad I was literally shakin'. Everything was cool until he spoke the evil phrase " It was an error in your perception." That's what SK used to say to all of us back in the day when we were young lab girls and dared to get upset about his man way of doing things that,literally, affected our entire lives. We kept him looking good for a lot of years and he's never once said thank you.

After the burgers I ran some errands for me and the BG, watching the needle on the gas tank droop and listening to the brakes squeak. And feeling the front end shake. She's got a little over a week left of this semester, and can't wait to sleep for 8 consecutive hours, bless her heart. I know that feeling.

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