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out on the porch
I've got so many dang pictures taken from my perch out there that I could fill an album with 'em. This particular one was taken a couple of weeks ago when the backwater was high and the sun was setting. There's a crop field just across the road that fills up during the growing season with produce of some sort...corn or soybeans usually. Cotton takes a lot out of the land so it's a gamble. If I were a gambler, I'd say this will be a hot and humid summer here on Pecan Lane. Great odds, if you know what I mean. The globe seems to be warming up a bit. Back in the day, that field was an asparagus patch with a shed up front where kids came out and picked, then packed it up for shipping. Over across the lane and down the hill a bit is my favorite spot to watch the sunset with my dawgs Faith, Hope , Butterbean and Sam. They are all three smooth passed out from runnin' and playing all day while I worked to buy dog food for their ungrateful puppy asses.Here's the view out back. If you look really close and squint, you can spot the golfers over there behind the barn yellin' FORE!. Between us and them, there's about an acre of muck behind the pumphouse in a low spot. The dogs love to waller in it about as much as they like rolling in the fresh grass. Several of the barns around here are sporting new silver paint on the tin roof. This one is haunted, so I've heard. It doesn't look too scary when the pink dogwood is in bloom but you 'gotta watch out for the kudzu up in front come summer. No mercy, I tell 'ya.

What you don't see is the history of this place I call home. I talk about it when the spirit moves and listen to the elders because they might be gone soon and who will tell the story of us?
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