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steroids and antibiotics
Wired to the max here, kids. I called in sick took a step back from the sawmill today to visit my friendly PA at the clinic and she hooked me up with a cure for what ails me the most right now...which is most likely some sort of virus from hell or maybe the bird flu. The avian thing wouldn't surprise me considering the number of crows that have been hangin' around Pecan Lane. I would blame it on the stagnant backwater, but the blackbirds were here long before the river passed flood level. Suckers eat the dawgs' food right out of their dishes which really pisses me off because I didn't sign on to feed all their little birdie butts.

Phase 1 of the "TV in the bedroom" project got underway today with a new receiver delivered and installed with a recorder thingy in it. In the living room again. Seems as if the ginormous satellite TV provider failed to mention to the installer that there was relocation involved and they charge a whole lot in cash for that kind of deal. Once again, we are broke and not able to afford the luxuries like watching Letterman in bed. It is hitonious , if you ask me. Remind me to write to my congresspeople about that new Tennessee satellite "privilege" tax. Tuition has gone up steadily and yearly during the time that BG has been furthering her higher education. (with no help from the feds because she's under 24 and lives with her single poor ass Mom, all the while working a fulltime job on the graveyard shift to pay for the car that commutes her back and forth to said institutions of higher learning). I'm glad she's young, bless her heart.

We lost Faith this afternoon! Me and BG loaded up in her car and ran around the trailer park neighborhoods across the highway to see if we could round her up. Nada...no brown dog. It's a whole 'nother world over there, ya'll. When we wheeled through the parking lot of the hindu hotel, I saw a nekkid guy laying on the bed with the door wide open, hairy chest and all. Mr. Patel said the people with the large brown dog left early this morning *sigh*

All's well that ends well. When we got back home, I happened to remember that I had let installer dude into the basement to scope out the conditions for wiring. And usually when somebody goes into the basement, a critter follows. Opened the door, and voila! There was pretty girl laying patiently on the steps waiting to be let in. Now she's out there barking at the moon.

Go figure that one.

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