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thank god for swiffer
That long pole thingy saves a few trips up the ladder is all I'm saying. Of course I'll be back up there on the ladder again very soon with a paint brush if my feet hold out and the river don't rise much more above flood stage. It didn't rain today which is a "good thing" as Martha would say. Sometime in the next week I expect to see the turkeys and egrets nesting in the last of the old pine grove over on the west side of our estate. Stranger things have happened around here.

*shoutout to redneck friend* How 'bout them Tigers? Mama says they're disgraceful because they left a spot on the bench for the dude who got busted for smoking a doobie. There's dumbass on every team and he made a poor choice on the eve of his cinderella story. I say they played a helluva game and Kansas shouldn't get too cocky.

Gotta go hit the shower. Tomorrow is a school day.

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