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who'd have thunk it?

29% Geek

For somebody who's on the keyboard about 20 hours a day I didn't score too high. Maybe I could get some training from Risible Girl My remaining four hours are spent sleeping and/or walkin' the yard to see what's up. Right now it's asparagus, hosta and narcissus. Do I hear an amen?

Been doing a little spot mowing here and there but it's becoming increasingly expensive to maintain the monster machinery and afford petrol so this will probably be my last season to cut. Besides, I'm too old for that shit stuff. Anybody got a teenaged kid who needs gas money? Okay..how about some goats?

Lunch this week has been great so far. You can't beat free with a stick, I'm just saying. BossLady is good at lining things up for us worker bees and feeling our pain. Oh, and she can clean and organize like a cat-in-heat on crack, bless her heart.

The zoo is gathered around me in front of the TV checking out American Idol. This is where it gets really FUN, ya know? That poor boy didn't even know the cat was singing.

Give me strength.

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