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afternoon delight
I am, as the old southern saying goes, happy as a pig in mud for no reason other than the fact that I'm enjoying day one of three in a row doing my own thing.. as the spirit moves. That's the finest freedom I can possibly think of. The weather has been nice for a week of work in the hay fields and the corn got a nice mid-afternoon shower today. So did my newly transplanted four o'clocks. Big Ernie is good to smartass country gals who keep the faith.

A recent visitor commented that she had gone back and read what I wrote in 2005, which struck me as kind of odd in a way that made me think that perhaps what I say possibly does make a difference. I had to go back and see too..just for fun. My writing had a bit more of an edge three years ago...and the readers are mostly not around Casa Poops these days as far as I can tell. Just the faithful old friends.

Gotta go burn some daylight now that it's cooled off a bit. Ya'll hang in there. Tomorrow is always another day.

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