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...and how are ya'll this Terrific Tuesday? On the old 1 to 10 scale, yesterday and today have both been tens in my neck of the woods. With two days off, there's been plenty of time to piddle which is my greatest joy. Piddling is also my worst enemy because I go from one project to another and never seem to finish anything! Hay baleing is going on right now which has been an excellent reason to be out and about with the camera soaking up the ambience that is the farm dressed in spring. Around this time of the year I have to start watching my step so as not to step on Mr. Snake because I would faint and fall out right there he would bite my smart ass. I'm not just a little bit afraid, ya'll. Terrified is more like it.

*piddle piddle*

ohmygod! Somehow I managed to crack the PVC pipe out by the tank and there's water runnin' all over creation. I just hope the overflow makes it down to the corn field in time to save this year's peaches'n'cream crop. Our life here is kinda like Green Acres only I don't look a bit like ZsaZsa and there ain't no pigs anymore...just cows and horses and turkeys. And quail and fast turtles!

*walk the yard*

Peonies are taking their last breath and lamb's ear is peaking. There's honeysuckle every dang where. I've been trying to train it around the barbed wire so it doesn't choke out the transplants from other beloved yards. Daddy went on a mission the other day and pulled a whole bunch of larkspur out of his sunny bed to wilt in the sun. Can't say that I haven't done the same thing when the situation calls for it.

*dO THe cheF thang*

Time to thaw out what's in the freezer and add some finishing touches. BG did angel hair with her own special sauce. I'm having chicken ala Poopie and some peas. Ummmmm...good.


*american idol*


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