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dust in the wind
Another one of my all time favorite songs from Kansas which came to mind yesterday afternoon when the plowing commenced around Pecan Lane. Much delayed by rain, it was a welcome and *sneezy* sight. The ground is all turned over and ready for the next round of thunderstorms which will probably begin tonight.

BG is free as a bird from school for about a month and if I was a bettin' gal I'd say most of it will be spent sleeping when not working the night job. There's a month of summer school in June, then another month off before she plunges into the final year of her journey, bless her heart.

We're busy dotting I's and crossing T's at the day job with a big inspection looming towards the end of the month. It will be our maiden voyage with this particular accreditation agency and you never know how those things will go. A lot of it depends on the agenda of the surveyor and what kind of mood they're in...which can be good sometimes, and occasionally a nightmare. Every two years we go through the drill and every two years we learn something new. That is the intent of the survey process....to improve patient care. Unfortunately many folks get all self-important and power trippy when out doing one of these things and beat a dead horse. Been there, done that several times. It ain't pretty.

My youngest brother has come and gone and I miss him already. We managed to squeeze in some quality time on the front porch yesterday to chat about the state of our lives before we headed off to dinner with the rest of the fam in an organized chaos sort of atmosphere down the road a mile. The times, they are a changing, and quickly.

That's about it from Casa Poops. EXCEPT..for my opinion of Jason Castro, also known as "dreadlocks boy." If he doesn't get sent home tonight, I will be more disappointed in this country than when Bush took office. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but ya'll know what I mean. Give him a karaoke screen to read off of, puleeeez.

Over and out from the smartass country girl on hump day.

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