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gimme shelter
Even dogs have raging hormones and PMS. I got the call at work today from the keepers of the humane society that they had Faith in custody. It seems that she crossed the freakin' four lane highway looking for a piece of tail love, and the residents of the trailer park up by UPS called the authorities on her. Sorry folks..no reward except for the warm fuzzies that come from reuniting a beautiful brown dog in a very bad mood with her sleeping partner. She's 35 in dog years so I guess she hears her biological clock tickin' or something. I cruised in to bail her out after work and got the short version of Tennessee state law regarding dogs in heat and court dates on the 3rd offense. Plus a 25 buck pick-up fee. One would think that she would be ecstatic to be home among her younger siblings but noooooooooo. Soon as I let her out of the car, she promptly kicked Butterbean's ass and ran her under the car. *sigh* She's grounded.

Sure was hard to go back to the sawmill at 6 this morning. Today was the eve of our first inspection by a new accreditation agency so there was much angst and scouring and scurrying about. I have a feeling it's gonna be a long short week, if you get my drift. How about ya'll pray that nobody kills anybody during the next three days on the job. And that nobody smothers under all of that non-latex PPE.

Redneck Friend's babyboy is getting married this weekend and a few of us kweens have made reservations at Casa Douglas to crash after attending the lakeside nuptials. I have three dresses to my name and haven't worn a one of them in years so this could get interesting if I find some cute shoes I can bear to stand in for a few hours. If not, I'll just go barefoot and carry 'em.

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