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happy samiversary
Last year on Memorial Day I came home to find that a couple of friends had brought me a present for my Mom and Dad. Daddy's dog had recently been killed and this feisty young man had outgrown the big city apartment life so they figured he might do well in the country. I fell in love at first sight with him and Amy handed him over with tears of joy in her eyes because he had found a new home.

He stayed with my parents for exactly two nights, spending most of the time in Daddy's lap in the recliner. Mom called and told me that he was just a little too much for them to handle ( they have NEVER had an inside dog ) so once again Sammy D was up on the hill with the rest of the critters. He is quite the athlete and when he leaps through the air that tail of his looks like it belongs to a deer! He still tries to outrun the Camry to the end of Pecan Lane but usually gives up somewhere around the dairy barn.

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