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We seem to have eased jumped head first into the typical summer weather pattern for Tennessee. High around 90. Daily chance of pop-up thunderstorms. If it rains on YOUR crop, say thank 'ya to the big guy and keep the faith. I had the opportunity to sit up at the kudzu bar the other night and listen to a couple of generations of farmers talk about their present conditions in the field. They chatted about locations and water levels and the price of beans and corns. They are paying the high price for diesel just like truckers and struggle to keep up the pace that supports their families.

I remember Mama telling me about how Daddy would stand defeated at the window of our honest-to-goodness log cabin and watch the rain wash away crop after crop before no-till farming came along. If I had to guess, I'd say the growing shit thing comes from his side of the gene pool. She likes to look at pretty flowers but hates to get dirty because she might need to cook up what he grows. That woman and an iron skillet are a gift from the heavens..I'm just saying.

I've been playing with the water hose like a little kid in my middle aged style swimsuit and no shoes, irrigating what I've planted and transplanted. The (h)erb garden is on the side porch in pots and the flowers are here and there. There's one very beautiful chocolate lab having a period all over the new floors and looking right pitiful, bless her heart. All is well.

Here's something that caught my eye about what Memorial Day is all about. Besides going to the lake and eatin' barbecue, I mean.

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