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As weekends at the day job go, with several hours of computer downtime, this one was quite nice. I suppose we can attibute that to the fact that fewer people are sick and dying coming to the ER with every little sniffle and snot. We appreciate ya'lls good health more than you will ever know..really. There was drama of course. One of my friends decided she'd had enough of the indecision and could make it on her own with two kids and a roommate, as long as she didn't have to drive a grannymobile. Maybe I can sell her the trusty Camry with three door handles and a very exposed right taillight.

Followed the smoke signals and turned into the kudzu bar where John was busy grillin' bird for the hungry flock that gathers on the patio for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Bev is the proud new owner of a laptop so she can stay in touch with those of us who don't come around very often *snort* She was having a bit of trouble not grabbing for the mouse but I think she'll catch on.

All of this rain has been lovely and stuff but, dang...that grass needs chopping again! I'm counting on the mowers to last one more season and then it's all over for me and them. I'm too old for that shit. The flowers are to die for so far. Long live perennials + a water hose!

I'll be out in the yard for two days playing. Leave a message at the beep.

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